Saint Joan

joanposterby George Bernard Shaw
October 27th – November 7th, 1999
The Poor Alex, 296 Brunswick Ave.
Produced by Special Arrangement with Samuel French (Canada) Ltd.

I have not come to bring peace, but a sword. (Matthew 10:34)

Widely considered to be Shaw’s masterpiece, Saint Joan traces the historic rise and fall of Joan of Arc. Her “voices” motivate her to become a soldier, lead the French Army against the British Forces, crown Charles in Rheims Cathedral, and to ultimately try and unite France under a national spirit.┬áTruth, politics and spirituality are all examined with Shavian wit and intellectual clarity.

Director: MK Piatkowski
Asst. Director: David Howse
Stage Manager: Etuska Sutherland Varga
ASM: Tanya Mossa
Set Design: Anne Armstrong
Lighting Design: Greg Corkum
Costume Design: Bob O’Neill
Sound Design: Steve Dazzi
Photography: Kathy Plamondon