hamletposterby William Shakespeare
August 15th-September 2nd, 2001
Helen Gardiner Phelan Playhouse—Performance Studio
79A St. George St.

One room. An intimate exploration…

Shakespeare’s Hamlet—arguably the greatest play in the English language—is the classic story of the young Danish Prince given the task to revenge his father’s murder. But more than just a revenge tragedy, Hamlet probes the human dilemma of trying to accept life and one’s place in it.

To be performed “in the round and all around”, as performers and audience share one room in an attempt to bring Shakespeare’s epic monument down to a more sensory exploration.

Director: Nicole Arends
Stage Manager: Jacki Garceau
ASM: Jody James
Sound Design: Ralph Pastore
Fight Choreography: Matt Toner

Movement Coach: Julia Gray