Shakespeare’s World Cup

swcsmallShakespeare’s World Cup
by Chris Coculuzzi, Matt Toner, and William Shakespeare
Toronto Fringe Festival
July 3rd-14th, 2002
Trinity College Field

You slave! You cur! …you base Football player!

Tragic dominance scores the Golden Goal at the prestigious EFA (Elizabethan Football Association) World Cup! When the tournament began the cleats were high and the iambic pentameter rolling as competing countries searched in vain for players tragic enough to endure scathing soliloquies and conniving corner kicks in the name of football glory; and after weeks of betrayal, deceit, murder, and mayhem four semifinalists remained: Team Denmark, Team England, Team Scotland, and Team Italy. Which squad of sure-footed Tragedians will prove that they have what it takes to reach the finals and win the World Cup of Tragedy?

Upstart Crow Sports Network (UCSN) proudly brings you Shakespeare’s World Cup, a clever hybrid of improvised sporting play and spectacle theatre transforming Shakespeare’s top four tragedies (Hamlet, King Lear, Macbeth, and Othello) into live football matches. Tom Middleton joins Jack Falstaff to provide all the play-by-play colour commentary with interviews and updates from that on-the-pitch historian/reporter Raphael Holinshed, as Shakespeare’s top four tragic teams kick out the blank verse for top tragic cup!

Director: Chris Coculuzzi
Fight Director: Matt Toner
Sound Design: Ralph Pastore
Technical Director: David Howse
Hart House Rep: Jill Cruikshank
Stage Managers: Samantha Nisbett and Daniella Marchese
Fight Captains: Paul McGrath and Kevin Robinson
Cheer Choreography: Tal Aronson
Props and Costumes: Bonnie Gray and Cosmo Bleu
Sound Operator: Helen Yung
Tofu Image: Lawrence Sagar
Graphic Design: Nathan Shrubsole
Publicity: Ken Cheung, Helen Yung, and Nicole Pointon
Photography: Kathy Plamondon
Script Development: Seamus Dudley, David Howse, Ian Langlois, Kirklynne Garrett, Tom Anastasios, Stephen Flett, and Ralph Pastore